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Our Mission: Our mission is to create happy, healthy circles that grow a vibrant community.

Our Vision: Our vision is to connect people in built spaces where people live, work and thrive.

Our Story: The circle has always been an important symbol to Native Americans. It represents the sun, the moon, the cycles of the seasons, and the cycle of life to death to rebirth. Everything in the universe is contained within a circle. Although everything has its own character and occupies a special place, each thing is dependent on everything else. The interdependence of these things forms a whole and without all the parts, others are affected. Sage has been recognized by Native Americans as a tool for purification. In some tribes, smoke from Sage is believed to ward off negative spirits and cleanse spirits and dwellings. Circle Sage Property Management embraces our identity of being 100% Native American owned. We see our role as community helpers who help make people whole by providing access to quality, affordable homes and workspaces in healthy circles.


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  • Lady Luck Estates

    Lady Luck Estates is a townhome development serving the Hinckley, MN area. Lady Luck Estates features 28 two and three bedroom units.

    Lady Luck Estates will feature 28 two- and three-bedroom units (ranging from 1,650- 2,052 sq. ft.) within walking distance to many businesses in the Hinckley area. Each unit features amenities such as Energy Star appliances, washer/dryer, central air conditioning, garage(s) and access to a central playground area. All units in this development will be rented to low-income households.

About Us

  • Dustin Goslin

    Dustin Goslin

    VP of Business & Economic Development

    Dustin Golsin (Pam-Mbwit-M’ko) is a proud Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation member from Mayetta, Kansas. He serves as the VP of Business & Economic Development at MLCV, dedicated to fostering economic vitality within the Mille Lacs Tribal Economy by connecting people and capital for sustainable investments in business, housing, and infrastructure. Committed to community development, Dustin leverages his business role to support and empower others. He's also the primary contact for prospective clients interested in Circle Sage Property Management services.

  • Sara Jayne Treiber

    Sara Jayne Treiber

    Portfolio Manager

    Sara Jayne Treiber brings over 25 years of expertise in economic, business, community, and housing development, focusing on Low Income Housing Tax Credits. She excels in project planning, financing documentation, property management, and community development. Sara’s experience includes 15 years at MLCV (formerly Corporate Commission) in business development and property management, 3 years at the East Central Regional Development Commission in economic and community development, and 10 years in development, real estate, and downtown redevelopment prior to that.

  • Patricia Bittner

    Patricia Bittner

    Portfolio Manager

    Patricia Bittner is the Property Manager at Circle Sage Property Management, specializing in residential properties. She holds certifications in LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit) projects and is pursuing qualifications in various Minnesota housing programs, HUD, and IRS offerings. Patricia's background in the hospitality industry brings a unique perspective to housing, drawing from 4 years of experience in hotels, emphasizing customer service, cleanliness, and inspections. She studied culinary arts and business management at Le Cordon Bleu Institute and previously ran her own catering business, handling events from baby showers to weddings.

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